Special Topics in Functional Analysis (CM513)

CM513: Special Topics in Functional Analysis

Prof. Constantin P. Niculescu


1. Operators on Hilbert spaces. The adjoint of an operator. Compact operators. Diagonalization of compact self-adjoint operators. Applications to Sturm-Liouville problems. Spectral theorem and functional calculus for normal operators. Unital equivalence for normal compact operators.

2. Locally convex spaces. Metrizable and normable spaces. Geometric consequences of the Hahn-Banach theorem. The dual space of a locally convex space.

3. Weak topologies. The theorem of Alaoglu-Bourbaki. Reflexive spaces. The Krein-Milman theorem. Schauderís fixed point theorem. Kakutaniís fixed point theorem. Applications.

4. Fourier transform. Sobolev spaces and Distributions. Applications to PDE.

5. Unbounded operators. Symmetric and self-adjoint operators. The Cayley transform. Unbounded normal operators and the spectral theorem. Semigroups of operators. The Stone and the von Neumann theorems.



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