Numerical methods for partial differential equations (CM521)

CM521: Numerical methods for partial differential equations

Prof. Sorin Micu

1. Introduction: Types of PDE. Elliptic equation. Boundary conditions. Heat equation, wave equation, convection-diffusion equation.

2. Fundamental notions: Convergence. Consistency. Stability. Lax’s theorem.

3. Finite difference schema for equations of evolution: Parabolic equation. Explicit and implicit methods. Hyperbolic equation. Ecuatii parabolice. Explicit and implicit methods. Stability and convergence. Applications.

4. Finite element method: Lagrange finite element. Mesh of a regular domain. Families of triangulations. Approximation of the solutions of elliptic equation.

5. Convergence of the finite element method: Cea’s Lemma. Condtions of convergence. Interpolation Lagrange in Sobolev spaces. Error evaluation in Lagrange interpolation. Error evaluations for finite element method.

6. Parabolic equation: Semi-discretization and total-discretization. Trapezoidal method. Stability. Convergece.

7. Hyperbolic equation: Semi-discretization and total-discretization. Newmark method. Stability. Convergece.



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