Ergodic Theory of Dynamical Systems (CM611)

CM611: Ergodic Theory of Dynamical Systems 

Prof. Constantin P. Niculescu


1. Dynamical systems with an invariant measure. Poincaré’s recurrence. The Bogoliubov-Krylov theorem.

2. The ergodic theorems of von Neumann and Birkhoff. Weyl’s ergodic theorem.

3. Mixing and ergodicity.

4. Metric entropy. Topological entropy. The variational principle.

5. Special classes of mappings. Piecewise monotonic mappings. Denjoy diffeomorphisms. Billiards.

6. Recurrence and its applications to combinatorics. The theorems of van der Waerden and Szemeredi.

7. The ergodic theorem of Oseledec. Liapunov Exponents. Applications to chaotic dynamical systems.




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