Master Program 

Dynamical Systems and Evolution Equations


Academic year 2008-2009


The primary goal of this Program is the promotion of scientific research in the domain of Applied Mathematics. The Program consists of 4 semesters (starting on October 1, 2008).

The interested students should have a Bachelor in Mathematics (or a Bachelor in Science). At this Program can enroll up to 30 students.

The admission of Romanian students to this program is by a written examination aimed to show their general knowledge on several aspects of Analysis:


1.      Differentiable functions of several variables. The Mean Value Theorem. The Principle of Contraction. The Implicit Function Theorem. Convex functions of several variables.

2.      Banach Spaces. Basic Examples: Rn, C([a,b]), spaces of integrable functions. The topology associated with a norm. Equivalence of norms in Rn. The Arzela-Ascoli criterion of compactness in C([a,b]).

3.    The norm of a continuous linear operator acting on a pair of Banach spaces. The linear operators on finite dimensional Banach spaces as matrices and their continuity. The inversion of a continuous linear operator. The Neumann Lemma. The Open Mapping Theorem. The Closed Graph Theorem. Point-wise convergence and the Principle of Uniform Boundedness.

4.      Spaces with a hermitian product. Orthogonal sequences. Developments in Fourier series.


The minimal score for admission is 6/10. The tax of scholarship will be waived for the first ten Romanian students (listed downward, according to their score).

Foreign students should contact the Department for International Relations of the University of Craiova (contact person Valentin Oprea,