CNAA projects 2003




The main themes of interest for 2003 were:


        Analysis and Control of Evolutionary Partial Derivative Equations 
CNAA Team : Sorin Micu (Director), Constantin P. Niculescu, Vicenţiu Rădulescu, Ghergu Marius

Institute Elie Cartan de Nancy: Marius, Tucsnak  (Director), Said Benachour, K. Ramdani, Simona Dabuleanu

This is an Egide-Brancusi Program.


        Nonlinear Analysis and Applications in Solid Mechanics

            CNAA Team : Vicenţiu Rădulescu (Director), Constantin P. Niculescu, Andaluzia Matei.

            Universite de Perpignan : Mircea Sofonea (Director), Mikael Barboteu, Thierry-Vincent Hoarau-Mantel.

This is an Egide-Brancusi Program.


        Inequalities with Applications to Geometry, Mechanics and Physics

      This will be realized by an international team consisting of Constantin P. Niculescu, Lars-Erik Persson (Lulea Institute of Technology, Sweden) and  some of their students. They are supported by the Wennergren Foundation, Sweden (Grant 25 12 2002).