CNAA projects 2005





The main themes of interest for 2005 are:


·         Analysis and Control of Differential Systems  

            CNAA Team : Sorin Micu, Constantin P. Niculescu (local coordinator) and Vicenţiu Rădulescu.

This is a CEEX Program in collaboration with A.I. Cuza University (Iaşi), O. Mayer Institute of

Mathematics (Iaşi) and Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Applied Mathematics" (Bucharest).


·        Integration of the Romanian master program in the European network; promoting the inter-disciplinary research through the study of nonlinear analysis and evolution problems  

            CNAA Team : Constantin P. Niculescu (Director), Andaluzia Matei, Sorin Micu, Carmen

Rocşoreanu, Mihaela Sterpu, Liviu Ignat, Mihaela Răcilă.

This is a CNCSIS Program (CNCSIS 80/2005, theme 14).


·         Nonlinearities and Singularities in Mathematical Physics

            CNAA Team : Vicenţiu Rădulescu (local coordinator).

This is a CNCSIS Program (CNCSIS 308/2005, theme 2)


·         Singular Problems of Lane-Emden-Fowler type with convection

            CNAA Team : Vicenţiu Rădulescu (local coordinator).

This is a Research Grant with the Romanian Academy (GAR 80/15/2005)


·         Partial Differential Equations and Applications.

            CNAA Team : Vicenţiu Rădulescu (local coordinator).

This is a EGIDE-Brancusi Program (PAI 08915PG) between University of Craiova and University of

Picardie “Jules Verne”, Amiens, France.


·        Nonlinear approximation and adaptivity: breaking complexity in numerical modeling and data representation  

            CNAA Team : Andaluzia Matei.

This is a research project carried out in the framework of the European Community Program "Improving

the Human Potential Network" (HPRN-CT-2002-00286).