CNAA Projects in 2007



The main themes of interest for 2007 are:


        Analysis and Control of Differential Systems  

            CNAA Team : Sorin Micu, Constantin P. Niculescu (local coordinator) and Vicenţiu Rădulescu.

This is a CEEX Program in collaboration with A.I. Cuza University (Iaşi), O. Mayer Institute of

Mathematics (Iaşi) and Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Applied Mathematics" (Bucharest).


        Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Differential Systems

            CNAA Team : Vicenţiu Rădulescu (coordinator), Constantin P. Niculescu, Sorin Micu, Andauzia Matei, Ionel Roventa.

This is a CNCSIS Program (CNCSIS /2007)


        Bifurcation in coupled dynamical systems and in time-delay systems. Applications to economic models

            CNAA Team : Carmen Rocşoreanu (coordinator), Mihaela Sterpu, Aurora Marica.

This is a CNCSIS Program (CNCSIS /2007)