CNAA Projects in 2008-2009



The main themes of interest for 2008-2009 are:

        Analysis and Control of Differential Systems  

            CNAA Team : Sorin Micu, Constantin P. Niculescu (local coordinator) and Vicenţiu Rădulescu.

This is a CEEX Program in collaboration with A.I. Cuza University (Iaşi), O. Mayer Institute of

Mathematics (Iaşi) and Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Applied Mathematics" (Bucharest) (2005-2008).


        Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Differential Systems

            CNAA Team : Vicenţiu Rădulescu (coordinator), Constantin P. Niculescu, Sorin Micu, Andauzia Matei, Ionel Roventa.

This is a CNCSIS Program (CNCSIS /2007-2008)


        Degenerated and singular nonlinear processes

            CNAA Team : Vicenţiu Rădulescu (coordinator), 6 members.

This is a CNCSIS Program (CNCSIS /2007-2010)


        Problems of convex analysis, numerical analysis and control in the study of complex physical systems

            CNAA Team : Constantin P. Niculescu (coordinator), Sorin Daniel Micu, Andaluzia Matei, Ionel Roventa

This is a CNCSIS-PN II Program (CNCSIS /2008-2011)


        Problems of control of partial differential equations

   CNAA Team : Sorin Daniel Micu (coordinator), Constantin P. Niculescu, Ionel Roventa

This is a EGIDE-Brancusi Program (PAI 08915PG) between University of Craiova and University of ?, France (2008-2010)