Master Program


Dynamical Systems and Evolution Equations


Academic year 2009-2010

First Semester

CM511: Modeling by Differential Equations

CM512: Elliptic Equations and Variational Problems

CM513: Special Topics in Functional Analysis

CM514: Dynamical Systems

CM515: Measure Theory and Fine Properties of Functions

Second Semester

CM521: Numerical Methods for PDEs

CM522: Semilinear Evolution Equations

CM523: Categorical Methods in Mathematical Analysis

CM524: Stochastic Calculus I

Third Semester

CM611: Ergodic Theory of Dynamical Systems

CM612: Stochastic Calculus II

CM613: Mathematics of Contact Media

CM614: Oscillations

CM615: Nonlinear PDEs

Fourth Semester

CM621: Financial Mathematics

CM622: Control Theory

CM623: Bifurcation Theory with Applications to Biology

CM624: Lab of Experimental Mathematics