Master Program


Applied Mathematics


Starting from Academic year 2008-2009


First Semester


MA111: Topics in Theory of Categories

MA112: Special Topics in Functional Analysis

MA113: Applied Nonlinear Analysis

MA114: Dynamical Systems

MA115: The Methodology of Scientific Research


Second Semester


MA121: Numerical Methods for PDEs

MA122: Mathematical Modeling with Differential Equations

MA123: Equations of Evolution

MA124: Ordered Algebraic Structures

MA116/MA126: English Language


Third Semester


MA211: Spectral Theory of Differential Operators

MA212: Singular Problems in Mathematical Physics

MA213: Ergodic Theory of Dynamical Systems

MA214: Oscillations

MA215: Experimental Mathematics



Fourth Semester


MA221: Riemannian Geometry

MA222: Dynamical Systems and Applications in Economy

MA224: Topics on Criptography

MA225: Mathematics of Contact Media

MA216/MA226: English/French Language